Jax Cafe


The roots of Jax Cafe run deep beginning in 1910, and today the rich history of Jax Cafe has served the families of Northeast Minneapolis faithfully for 75 years. Bill Kozlak, Jr. follows in his father and grandfather¹s footsteps by preserving the rich tradition of Jax cafe while continuing the promise of uncompromised service. Known for a warm welcome and traditional atmosphere, Jax Cafe serves only the finest menu of premium cuts and fresh seafood flown in from all over the world. Recognizing that fine food doesn't require flash and trend- Jax Cafe impresses with the best ingredients, immaculate preparation and the heart of a dining experience crafted through three generations. 


Jax Cafe is a special dining experience, located in the heart of NE Minneapolis on University Avenue. Not only do the Kozlaks have a long history of established fine dining, they are respected as a family destination for many residents of NE and for visitors to Minneapolis that are seeking comfort, exquisite ambiance, a place to celebrate and a place to remember.  Bill Kozlak, Jr, agrees, "Wellness is great for the community," and he invites Members of THE WELL PLACE to experience Jax Cafe.  Suggestions include:  Dining outdoors on the lovely patio in beautiful natural calmness, stop in for a glass of red wine or beverage of choice at the historic bar, enjoy an evening of dining, noon-time lunch or their famous sunday brunch, make sure you let your server or the host know you are a WELL PLACE Member.  They want to meet you on your wellness journey.