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At THE WELL PLACE (TWP) our vision is to build a culture that supports connecting the whole person to their true purpose as a means of enhancing their sense of well being. Renewal is a gift to all!

Membership Benefits:

  • Design your wellness plan on your terms, attend to your life balance.
  • Get aquainted with the vetted TWPOA (THE WELL PLACE Organizations Association) Members; local businesses, program and service providers that have taken the time to align with one or more of the 8 life elements.
  • Timely and personal guide to create a wellness plan to fit your schedule.
    -- Your action plan may help you realize a more balanced life by including more of what you love doing.
  • TWP at Work
  • Your personal TWP page to refer back and review your wellness plan any time.
  • Your personal TWP journal to record life's ups, downs and progress.
  • TWP Concierge (Email will be available for you to ask questions online or set up a face-to-face meeting if you need more support.

First, to set up a user account, follow the steps below.

  • Take the Wellness Assessment.  
  • Next, consider your Favorite Things in 8 different wellness catagories.
  • Then decide on your action plan.
  • Visit those TWPOA members that align with your plan.
  • Practice living your plan on your terms according to your schedule and things you enjoy.  
  • If you have not registered with us, please take our complimentary Wellness Assessment.

If you have already registered and completed our complimentary Wellness Assessment, proceed to your wellness page.

Interested in becoming a TWPOA Member? Would you like additional information about TWP at Work Program? Email and we will contact you with further information and opportunities.