Celebrating Calmness Workshop

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Looking for a way to educate your workplace on the importance of living a healthy, active, and balanced lifestyle? Bring Katherine Haik's vision and passion for workplace wellbeing to your organization.  Contact Katherine about hosting a "Celebrating Calmness" workshop: concierge@thewellplace.net.


"I had the opportunity to attend a Celebrating Calmness workshop hosted by the Communicators Forum at the University of Minnesota. It was a busy time of the semester and my department was incredibly busy. The workshop provided opportunities to celebrate successes and learn different ways to relax, cope with anxiety & appropriately navigate stressors that occur on a daily basis. Katherine did an excellent job walking us through exercises as a group and creating materials for us to engage in small groups. It was a great way for me to meet others and talk about life outside of work! I highly recommend Katherine & THE WELL PLACE. After such a fabulous experience, I always recommend THE WELL PLACE to family & friends!" - Bridget Scott, University of Minnesota

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