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Tools to Manage Anxiety

Each December, my sister invites me to a wonderful opportunity to pray and learn during the Advent Season, the weeks before Christmas. more »

Practice Makes Memory!

How is your brain health?  Check out this website for more than good practice:

Train of Thought challenges your divided attention.

The Lumosity Training Program relies on a sophisticated algorithm based on what we’ve learned from analyzing over 3 billion game plays.

How do I know what is meaningful to me? exerpt from - "Journeywell: A Guide to Quality Aging" author Trish Herbert, PhD Psychology/Gerontology,

Small p- purpose vs. Large P-Purpose

How do I know what is meaningful to me? Ask yourself these questions:

If you were asked by a child to tell about the most important thing you have learned in your life, what would you say? more »

Proceeding with Caution is Prevention

When I think of my days teaching water exercise classes, I am immediately drawn to the humility of my students; many in the ongoing struggle to rid themselves of the pains of injury, disease and/or aging.  Proceeding with caution, they would make their way over slippery tiled flooring and enter the water.  We would usually spend the first few minutes talking about the temperature of the water; too cold, too warm, or that seldom heard, just right!  Group classes, at the wellness center pool, were often a collection of these amazing people, working so hard to perf more »

"No time to rub 2 minutes together!"

My Irish Mother, Bonnie, is a strong force in the world and is constantly in motion; volunteering, doing service work, helping anyone in need.  If she sits down to rest, she usually dozes off within the first 30 seconds, referring to them as her 'little cat naps'.  My niece recently got married in Chicago, and Grandma danced the night away in her silver sequin, platform tennis shoes! She literally danced almost every dance. more »

THE WELL PLACE; your resource for health and wellbeing

In 2011 the leading edge of the Baby Boom generati more »

Massage Therapy and Body Work - Explained

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Cranio-Sacral Therapy - works with the structure, the
nervous system, and the cranial nerves. It is a gentle method of detection and correction that encourages your own natural healing mechanisms. more »

Functional Medicine

Reversing the Chronic Disease Trend:  Six Steps to Better Wellness more »

Sun Breath Video

This video features Liz Anema and Laila Om presenting a lovely way to take a breath and bring new life to this moment in time! (Click on the image to play - note, you will be taken to youtube and the video will automatically start).

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Sun Breath