How do I get the most out of my WELL PLACE membership?

We hope that the site will be a catalyst for encouraging you to discover what you need to enhance your well being. You are welcome to visit the site and your personal THE WELL PLACE page once you have  become a member and completed your wellness assessments. Changes are up to you. If you need help, a WELL PLACE Concierge is available through Contact Us to assist you with services and programs that are available. As we gain support from the local businesses and organizations that will link into our site, we hope to offer special WELL PLACE offerings from our sponsors. Until then, go to the Contact Us area and we will personally discuss options with you.

Completing the Steps for Creating My WELL PLACE: How do I make changes once I have completed a step?

Every 90 days you will have the opportunity to make changes to your assessment selections upon completion of the Measuring Success assessment. You are able to preview your selections prior to saving them so we recommend taking this extra step as you complete each step.

If I want to ask a question, where do I go?

Select Contact Us and follow the directions. If you would like to speak with a WELL PLACE concierge, indicate that in the text box.

How do I locate the right resource, service provider, business or organization?

As THE WELL PLACE continues to take on new sponsors and resources, their contact information will be provided when you click on the corresponding provider name.

How do I know the resources are quality providers?

THE WELL PLACE is pleased to provide quality resources to best meet your needs. We have taken the time to present THE WELL PLACE initiative to each sponsor in order to best convey our mission, level of quality, and intention to provide the best experience possible. THE WELL PLACE is not responsible for individual experiences or outcomes, although we are interested in your feedback.

What if I need more help?

If you are having trouble navigating the website, please contact THE WELL PLACE concierge at concierge@thewellplace.net.

What if someone wants to become a member, but they don’t have access to a computer?

At this time, THE WELL PLACE exists on the World Wide Web only. We hope to eventually have a physical presence throughout different communities.

How soon can we look for a Well Place residence in my neighborhood?

We are working with supporting sponsors and individual members within communities to design a strategic plan that allows a Well Place to be made available to all interested residents within a 5-mile radius of that specific Well Place. Contact us with your zip code and contact information so we know of your interest!

How can I be more involved?

Go to the Contact Us page and ask for information about THE WELL PLACE Volunteer Network that is currently underway.