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WELLNESS PARTICIPATION IS MAXIMIZED when the programming is placed in the hands of the employees. 


THE WELL PLACE™ @ Work (TWP@W) ~ a wellness initiative that focuses on improving participants’ sense of wellbeing.

  • Easy to Start! We are not asking for a health history, a blood pressure or cholesterol measure, no pinching fat or counting sit ups, instead we introduce employees to 8 elements of wellness. 
  • Encourages 100% Participation! Learning and participating with this program will support employees to consider what life elements make them whole, discover which elements are lacking, and then commit to fill that gap.  

  • The plan is not prescribed for them but developed by them.  As a result, THE WELL PLACE members own their personal sense of wellbeing and then achieve their goals in their own way.  
  • According to the readiness for change model, “If you match your goals to your stage of change, you will maximize your ability to change.”


Value your most important assets - your employees!

When your employees are working where THE WELL PLACE @ Work is part of the mission, your employees are more motivated to make health the easy choice; your organization is healthier and your organization is poised for success!

-Create and sustain better customer relationships

-Enter new markets

-Improve your product and business model innovations

-Enhance life quality for thousands of people by allowing expression of interests and passions in their day at work and at home.

As an employer, what are you truly interested in? Happy, fulfilled employees! 

Whether this is a stand-alone wellness program or supplementary to an existing wellness program, THE WELL PLACE @ Work increases overall employee satisfaction and wellness by intrinsically motivating employees with the 8 life elements:  Calmness, Learning, Laughter, Movement, Music and the Arts, Nature, Nutrition and Spirituality.


How does it work?

Step 1:  THE WELL PLACE™ @ Work Assessment:  We start by assessing your work culture and any benefits or support networks that already exist. 

Step 2:  Introduce THE WELL PLACE™! Introduce TWP through a kick-off meeting - a chance to discuss and get people thinking with a more holistic outlook. Wellness is more than just exercise and diet. 

Step 3:  Recruit an internal THE WELL PLACE™ Employee Team.

Step 4:  Create a Timeline and Set Goals:  With the cooperation of your THE WELL PLACEEmployee Team, identify what is currently working well for employees and what are the opportunities for growth. What do people enjoy? What do people want?  The goal is to enhance engagement and support among employees, break down barriers and silos.

Step 5:  Monthly Meetings:  THE WELL PLACE™ Employee Team will hold monthly meetings. A menu of opportunities is provided, then up to 8 programs, based on the 8 elements of THE WELL PLACE @ Work Program, are chosen.  The employee team determines the priorities and selection of programs.

Step 6:  Measure. Create a baseline measurement through the use of THE WELL PLACE™ website.  Each employee chooses elements on which to focus. There is extensive support of THE WELL PLACE in the community, found on the website, which helps achieve lasting results.  

Step 7:  Measure achievements.


Extend a helpful hand that supports positive change for

positive results. 

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