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Step 1:  Register by clicking on Complimentary Survey.  After you register, you will be guided to a (Lifestyle Self Assessment).

Step 2:  Complete the Complimentary Survey:  This is your confidential self-care measurement tool; how do you measure your current level of well-being?

Step 3:  Prioritize Life Elements: Calmness, Laughter, Learning, Music, Movement, Nature, Nutrition, and Spirituality.

Step 4:  Favorite Things: Create an inventory of interests and activities that bring happiness and meaning to your life.

Step 5:  Setting Goals:  Realistic, enjoyable ways to enhance your life.


When you have completed all of the steps, look for opportunities on the Learning Tab , get discounts and bonuses from vetted service providers, resources and local events.  Blog with other Well Place Members. Periodically, receive a Well Place Newsletter on your email.

Care Givers:  If you are new to care giving, chances are you are feeling overwhelmed.  Please know that you have access to experienced professionals and tools for managing your loved one’s care plan.  Managing your life includes developing and maintaining a balanced approach to effective practices with a purposeful intention.  Keeping up with your health and well-being is essential to effectively caring for others.

  • Create your wellness plan on your terms. 
  • Connect with people and places that support you! 
  • Align with resources in the community to realize your goals.
  • Choose from samples of ways to enhance your life!

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