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THE WELL PLACE Organizations Association (TWPOA) members are independent businesses and organizations with products and services that align with THE WELL PLACE (TWP) life elements: Calmness, Nutrition, Nature, Music, Movement, Laughter, Learning and Spirituality.  We focus on collaboration with community members with the goal to become healthier and happier.  

Sustainability of a healthy community is a personal matter.  According to the Center for Disease Control, "Community engagement to promote health is good business."

Who are TWPOA Members?

  • Catholic Eldercare, NE Minneapolis, MN
  • Author Trish Herbert, JourneyWell, A  Guide to Quality Aging, Minnetonka, MN
  • Annona Gourmet, St. Anthony, MN 
  • Fitness Crossroad, St. Anthony, MN
  • Dharma Spa, Minneapolis, MN
  • Jax Cafe, NE Minneapolis, MN
  • Infinity Direct, Plymouth, MN
  • Eastside Food Co-op, NE Minneapolis, MN
  • Lake Country Booksellers, White Bear Lake, MN
  • Chinook Book, Twin Cities, MN
  • Judy's Studio, Roseville, MN
  • Cooking by Kate, Twin Cites, MN
  • KC Product Developement, L.L.C., Minneapolis, MN

TWPOA members provide support to the TWP members in maximizing their wellness plans:  Places to Laugh, Move, Relax, Meditate, Eat, Learn, Listen, Pray, Dance and/or Connect with Nature.  

You can support this wellness intiative AND receive all of these benefits for only $2500 for the first year!

Why join TWPOA?

  • Participants of the TWP are encouraged to seek out TWPOA members to achieve their wellness goals with your products and services.  
  • TWPOA Members attract engaged customers. Help TWP members meet their goals with your products and services.
  • Collaborate with other like-minded businesses and organizations.  Get the answers and new ideas you are you looking for as a leader.
  • Access to quality programs and opportunities to keep you informed about the latest health and wellness related research for you and your employees. (go to
  • Increase your visibility and traffic, while you enhance your reputation for supporting community wellness.
  • Speak to more community members through your personal web page that promotes your business/organization, as a sub-page of TWP. (Can be linked to your website).
  • Opportunity to offer content to TWP website and marketing materials to engage the community.
  • Your logo inclusion in TWP newsletters, marketing materials and events.
  • Opportunity to include articles in TWP Newsletters to communicate your organization's mission and goals.


  • TWP is a wellness initiative with the goal of providing recources to motivate participants to create a wellness plan based on what is meaningful to them.
  • On-line tools provide step by step wellness. We also provide sustainable management systems, learning articles and introductions to local resources, organizations and businesses.
  • TWPOA members provide valuable support and resources to participants. 

Your membership makes a difference!

  • Prime time community outreach!  Thousands of TWP Members (many live and/or work locally) are linked directly to you at a time when they need access to quality wellness resources.
  • TWP Member is guided to your organization/website for enhancing personal life elements through worksite wellness, health insurance alliance, and eventually their individual neighborhood TWP physical location.
  • Select TWPOA Members are listed on a menu for providing worksite and community education.
  • TWPOA Members are listed and linked on TWP website.

How do I join the TWPOA?  

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  • Apply for this special wellness opportunity! For only $2500, you will be spotlighted as a TWPOA Member.
  • Commit to supporting TWP members in living their wellness plan with your products and services.