Chinook Book


Chinook Book helps you save money at local businesses that do good things for the environment and the community.

Judy's Studio


Message from Judy George, owner:  I have a nursing studies background. I am a certified group fitness instructor, and have been teaching in the fitness world since 1989. I was awarded Instructor of the Year through the YMCA of Greater Saint Paul. I am a competent trainer and public presenter, with a sincere and genuine teaching style. more »

Eastside Food Co-op


Eastside Food Co-op has been a valuable partner in supporting The Well Place and our mission to foster individualized health reform, one neighborhood at a time.  Consider visiting the Eastside Food Co-op at 26th and Central Ave NE.  Shop for nutrtitious, delicious, locally grown and organic foods.  Become a member and experience the co-operative model at work! more »

Infinity Direct


Infinity Direct has provided service and sponsorship to Catholic Eldercare for many years. 

Annona Gourmet


You are in for a treat when you visit Jean at Annona Gourmet!  Can you say Olive Oil?  Amazing selection of so many delightful delicacies and must have cooking necessities - you can't help but indulge. 

Philip Hanson, Massage and Body Work


Philip Hanson, C.M.T., C.B.T

Dharma Wellness & Spa at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis
Massage & Body Work

Philip Hanson has been studying and practicing
massage and bodywork for over eleven years.
He spent two years studying Reiki, Healing Touch,
Reflexology and Aromatherapy through a Holistic
Nursing program in Golden, Colorado. He also
enrolled in a dual-certification program at the
New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts for Massage
and Polarity Therapy in Sante Fe. Philip’s goal is more »

Journeywell: A Guide to Quality Aging, Trish Herbert, PhD


Three Ups to Aging Well:
Wake up, Show up, Lighten Up
By Trish Herbert
more »

Fitness Crossroad


Fitness Crossroad is a full service fitness center on the edge of Minneapolis.  

Our friendly service staff is here to provide members with a rewarding club experience.  Attention to detail and their ability to anticipate member's needs creates an environment which focuses on you - the member.

The member service area carries a complete line of athletic clothing, refreshments, and workout accessories. more »

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